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Having a network with multiple personal devices is a headache for any IT Security team as the overall security profile of the firm can be compromised. Take back control of your security environment with Certify Mobile, an app-based BYOD security measure that ensure the safekeeping of private information by blocking the use of risky logins based on network, device type, location and more.

CERTIFY Mobile® App Based BYOD Authentication


Certify Auth consolidates duplicate accounts across multiple accounts and applications through account linking. It can be implemented seamlessly into any login flow.

Easily Enroll and Manage Users

Enrollment onto the Certify Auth platform is fast and secure. The Certify Auth dashboard makes manging users straightforward and simple. Organizations can manage users and individuals can manage their own credentials such as face, palm, and fingerprint sign on.

Protect All Applications

Certify makes it easy to integrate our Single Sign On capabilities with your federation server or cloud identity provider (IdP) so it automatically secures any application connected to it. This enables easy and secure access to federated cloud applications.

Applications of Certify Auth

There are a multitude of ways that Certify Auth can be applied to your business or organization. Our solutions are made practicle and simple so that they can be implemented to any organization, no matter the size. Our applications show the many benefits of implementing Certify Auth into your security process.

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